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Nomalanga meaning "sunlit", in Zulu, consists of circles representing the sun and thus life.  Each line is a horizon to which it must rise and then set. 

Repeat: 12"


All of Mitchell Black wallpapers, wall tiles, murals, floor mats, and fabric orders are CUSTOM PRINTED for color consistency.

We recommend you calculate the total amount needed for a single pattern before placing order. Future orders of the same item MAY vary slightly in color. Pattern repeat varies per product, check product description for repeat specifications. 

To ensure accurate ordering of wallpaper and fabric, we advise you to book an appointment through MB Concierge



Easy Strip

2 ft. wide x 10 ft. tall

  1. Measure the wall in inches.
  2. Divide by 12.  If the amount is not a whole number, round up to the nearest whole number.
  3. DIVIDE BY 2.  You need this amount of Easy Strips for a wall 10ft high or less.

Example  64 inches/12 = 5.33 Round up to 6.  6/2 = 3 Easy Strips

Single Roll

2 ft. wide x 18 ft. tall

For most patterns:

Order 1 roll for every 4ft of wall width.

Width of 4 = 1 Roll

Width of 8ft = 2 Rolls

Width of 20 ft = 5 Rolls



Varies by design



20 in. x 30 in.

24in  x 35 in.

3 ft. x 4.5 ft.

4 ft x 6 ft

3 ft. x 7.5 ft.


54 in. wide; sold by the yard

3 Yard Minimum

Mitchell Black produces high-quality wallpaper and decor products on several materials and substrates. For our consumer customers we offer here online those materials most often viewed as convenient to apply and remove with or without the aid of a professional wallpaper hanger.

Members of the Interior Design Trade may opt for commercial grade materials including TYPE II Contract Grade vinyls or wish to purchase materials by the yard.  All Mitchell Black wallpapers, wallcoverings and floor vinyls are produced in the US, using eco-friendly materials, inks and machinery.

Interior Design Trade, Architects and Developers may open a TRADE ACCOUNT for access to additional details, selections and customizations.  Please inquire at .

It is important to measure your walls and space carefully. Please read our instructions before you order any of our products so your order meets your needs. Most of our papers, murals, tiles and fabrics are print-to-order which ensures color consistency and overall product quality. Additional orders of similar product may vary slightly.



Step 1. Measure the Wall Square Footage.

Measure the Height and Width of your wall(s).

Multiply the Height times the Width to get the total square footage.

Measure the Height and Width of all windows and doors as well. One by one. Multiply the dimensions to get the square footage of each. Add the square footage of all doors and windows.

Subtract the Windows and doors square footage from the Wall Square footage. This gives you the total square footage of your wall space.  **IF THE REPEAT ON THE PATTERN IS LARGE, DO NOT SUBTRACT WINDOWS AND DOORS**

Step 2. Calculate the Right Number of Rolls

Take your square footage and add 20% for spoilage and trimming. This is your “order square footage” for your order.

Divide your “order square footage” by the square footage of our rolls below. ***If you get a fraction, round up! or if its close, order an extra roll to ensure you have enough with consistent color.


Mitchell Black Easy Strips are 2 ft. x 10 ft. (Or 24 in. x 120 in) = 20 sq. ft.

Mitchell Black Single Rolls are 2 ft. x 18 ft. (Or 24 in. x 216 in.) = 36 sq. ft.


If you have a concern about how much to order you can always book a free consultation with an MB Concierge.

Installing Mitchell Black wallpapers, mural, and wall tiles is easy.
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