Indulge in the rich, luxurious hues of Mitchell Black's purple wallpaper collection. From soft lavender tones to deep, moody plums, these designs offer a regal and sophisticated color palette that adds depth and elegance to any space.

      Purple Wallpaper For Any Interior Style

      No matter your design aesthetic, you'll find the perfect purple wallpaper to complement your vision. Explore a wide range of styles:

      Contemporary: Clean lines and bold geometric patterns in shades like vineyard and lilac. 

      Traditional: Classic damask prints and floral motifs in heather and currant tones.

      Eclectic: Unique, organic designs and hand-drawn elements in grape and peacock hues.

      Kids & Nursery: Whimsical animal prints and charming illustrations in playful purples.

      Purple Wallpaper Designer Collaborations

      Elevate your interior with curated designer collaborations that showcase the versatility of purple. Our Julianne Taylor collaboration features elegant, large-scale patterns like "Wallflower" and "Cascade." Blessed Little Bungalow brings a touch of boho-chic with nature-inspired motifs in plum and lavender shades.

      Complementary Colors and Accents

      While stunning on its own, purple also pairs beautifully with a variety of complementary hues. Warm it up with rich terracotta and coral tones, or create a cool, serene vibe with crisp whites and soft grays. For a bolder look, pair deep aubergine with vibrant emerald greens or sunny yellows.

      Transforming Your Space With Purple

      Transform your spaces with the power of purple. Create a luxurious, jewel-toned bedroom retreat with a plush, patterned wallpaper. Or liven up a home office or living room with an abstract, contemporary lavender print that inspires creativity and productivity. In nurseries and playrooms, whimsical characters and motifs promote imagination and wonder.

      Experience Regal Sophistication

      No matter which style or shade you choose, Mitchell Black's purple wallpaper collection promises to add a touch of regal sophistication to your interior design. Indulge in the luxurious hues and curated designer collaborations that make this palette truly exceptional.

      Need an Expert Opinion?

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