Get ready to bring serious energy and drama into your space with our striking collection of red wallpapers.

      The Appeal of Red Wallpaper

      This bold, vibrant color makes a powerful statement that exudes passion and confidence. Red commands attention and evokes intense emotions.

      A Range of Rich Shades

      Our red wallpaper designs come in a range of shades from deep burgundy to bright scarlet. You'll find the perfect red pattern to suit your style preferences, whether you prefer modern minimalism or luxurious traditional designs.

      An Eye-Catching Focal Point

      Red wallpaper instantly transforms any room into an eye-catching focal point. Covering your walls in these vivid hues makes an undeniable bold visual statement.

      Setting the Right Mood

      Red doesn't just dazzle the eyes - it also influences the mood and atmosphere of a space. Rich ruby and wine tones create a luxurious, sophisticated feeling. Brighter crimson and vermillion shades energize a room with vibrancy.

      Styles for All Tastes

      From clean-lined modern geometrics to ornate classic damasks, our collection offers red wallpaper styles for any aesthetic. Find both contemporary motifs and elegant vintage-inspired patterns.

      Using Red Wallpaper In Your Home (Or Otherwise)

      We couldn't resist sharing some of our favorite ways to use red wallpaper.

      The Bold Accent Wall

      Make a statement by using red wallpaper for a striking accent wall that becomes an irresistible focal point.

      An Entryway Wow Factor

      Create an unforgettable first impression by wrapping your entryway in energetic red wallpaper for a bold welcome.

      A Romantic Bedroom

      Cultivate an intimate, romantic ambiance in the bedroom with deep, jewel-toned red wallpaper.

      Elegant Dining Rooms

      Set the scene for a memorable dinner with guests surrounded by sophisticated, lush red tones.

      The Energizing Office

      Boost your motivation by incorporating invigorating red shades into your office or study.

      Let our vivid red wallpaper designs infuse your home with passion and energy. Explore these bold styles to make a powerful decor statement. Free samples available.

      Need an Expert Opinion?

      We're here to help! Whether it's assistance with pattern selection or general questions...we've got your back. Our team of dedicated professionals love working with homeowners and designers alike.