Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install this myself?
YES! Wallpaper is not scary... its paper! Wet it and stick it! And peel and stick "wallpaper" is a huge sticker! Peel off the backing, and stick it on the wall. The 2nd best thing about peel & stick wallpaper is that it is repositionable, which means if you make a mistake applying it, you can peel it off and re-position it. The BEST thing about peel & stick wallpaper is you can peel it off, throw it out and choose a different pattern!
Should I pay a professional to install my new wallpaper?
YES! If you have no time or no patience and are a perfectionist about wallpaper installation. Wallpaper is meant to add a fun designer element to your home decor. If you think it will stress you out to attempt hanging it yourself, pay a professional and fast forward to the "FUN" part!
How much wallpaper do I need?
Make sure you know the width and length of the area you need to cover. All of our wallpapers come in 24" and 48" wide strips with lengths of either 18' or 33'. "Easy Strips" can also be ordered and are 24" wide by 10' long.  Each roll has a .5" bleed for overlapping strips.
What type of paper can I order?
We have several materials and substrates to choose from. Some options are special order. See all option on the materials page below.
Materials + Substrates
Can I buy samples?
Yes! Each wallpaper product page has the option to purchase 8.5"x11" samples.
What is an "Easy Strip"?
Easy Strip is a simple solution to the age old wallpaper issue of calculating pattern repeats to figure out how much wallpaper you need. If your wall is less than 10 ft tall (which is like 98% of walls in homes in the US and Canada) you need ONE Easy Strip for every 2 feet of wall you want to cover from right to left. 4 ft wall? - 2 Easy Strips! 8 1/2 ft wall? 5 Easy Strips... you get it.
Why do I need to know the total number of rolls before I order? Why can't I just order more if I need it?
Because we print to order, if you find that you need more wallpaper later on we cannot guarantee that the new rolls will match your previous order. Color consistency changes for our printers on a day to day basis, so we recommend calculating the total amount needed before placing an order, or ordering extra just in case. Be sure to visit our Calculator + Size Chart before ordering.
Calculator + Size Chart
Can I put wallpaper anywhere?
Not quite. Surfaces with a strong texture make it harder for the paper to stick. We recommend a smooth, clean wall for the most successful application.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds of unused merchandise will be accepted within 14 days for credit toward your next purchase.
When can I expect my order?
After we receive your order, it will be made specifically for you. Therefore online orders have a lead time of 7-10 days and ship from the USA. **NOTE: COVID restrictions MAY cause a delay in production time. Email if you need to confirm expected ship date on your order. Our products are all print-to-order to ensure color consistency and quality control. Please be certain to order enough material to finish your entire project.