"The Shape of Color" collection features a variety of repeating patterns that draw inspiration from different places and times. Despite their disparate origins, these patterns share a common emphasis on color and shape, resulting in a striking and bold aesthetic.

      The "Folding Ribbon" pattern intertwines the soft edges of natural design with the punctuation of a geometric pattern. Meanwhile, "Split" offers a simple yet dynamic choice with its curated colorways. "Moroccan Peacock" evokes the shape of a Moroccan tile, adorned with a rudimentary peacock feather motif. "Woodland Bloom" offers a fresh take on the classic floral woodblock print.

      Each pattern in "The Shape of Color" collection represents a unique interpretation of the collection's shared themes, creating a rich and diverse array of designs. This collection strives to be testament to the power of shape and color in transforming an ordinary space into a vibrant and engaging environment.

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