Our animal wallpaper category offers a diverse collection of stunning wildlife-inspired designs, including the best-selling "Stalking Tigers" pattern. These high-quality wallpapers, in both removable Peel & Stick and Traditional Wallpaper, bring the beauty and allure of the animal kingdom to your living space. Choose from a variety of styles and color schemes to create a nature-inspired atmosphere in your home. Shop now and transform your space into a captivating animal-themed haven.

      Why Choose Animal Wallpaper?

      There's something so captivating about animals - they connect us to the great outdoors while adding tons of personality. Animal wallpaper is an excellent way to embrace today's trend of bringing the outdoors in. With bold, oversized patterns and textural designs being all the rage, our animal-themed prints are right on point.

      Collection Highlights

      Our bestselling "Stalking Tiger" pattern deserves its popularity. The powerful feline design is available in rich colorways like Dark Moss, Jewel, and Moon for a moody, dramatic vibe. Or go for the regal Royal tone for an opulent look.

      For a playful, whimsical touch, check out the "Foo Dog" series by Julianne Taylor Style. These mythical creature patterns come in vivid shades like Carnival, Sea, Coral Reef, and Wheat Field for an instant pop of color.

      If you love the look of African design, you'll adore the earthy, textured "Sankofa" collection by Forbes + Masters. From the rustic Clay Linen to the vibrant Sea Cliff Blue, these wallpapers add warmth and dimension.

      Animal Wallpaper Ideas

      Animal wallpaper is incredibly versatile for creating statement-making accent walls. A jungle-inspired powder room? A bear or tiger backdrop for the nursery? Or maybe a giraffe-print feature wall behind your bed? The possibilities are endless!

      These patterns also make stunning office or media room accents when paired with sleek, modern furnishings. For a curated look, coordinate with decor pieces in complementing colors and natural textures like wood and rattan.

      More Great Animal Wallpaper

      Our collection offers so many more exquisite animal-themed gems like the delicate "Paper Cranes" and "Paper Horses" in soothing hues. The charming "Gentle Giraffe" by Blessed Little Bungalow comes in refreshing Denim Garden and Grape Chartreuse shades.

      For a classic vibe with a twist, try the elegant "Floral Bird Toile" wallpaper available in traditional black or light blue colorways.

      Both our peel-and-stick and traditional wallpaper materials are incredibly high-quality, ensuring easy installation and long-lasting beauty.

      So embrace your wild side and explore our "Animal Wallpaper" collection today! Let these naturalistic designs transform your space into a stylish, nature-inspired retreat.

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