Peacock Wallpaper

Peacock Wallpaper


      Discover our stunning collection of peacock wallpapers that bring exotic flair and vibrancy to any space. Mitchell Black's peacock wallpaper category features a diverse range of patterns inspired by the majestic beauty of the peacock. These patterns capture the essence of exotic sophistication, and infuse your home with an elegant and colorful ambiance. From metallic finishes to colorful feathers, peacock wallpaper has a variety of styles to suit any taste. With designs ranging from abstract peacock motifs to photographic tropical scenes, our high-quality peacock wallpapers offer numerous options to transform any room into a vibrant oasis. Shop now to add a touch of the exotic and create a stylish, eye-catching interior.

      Stylish Peacock Wallpaper Ideas for Every Room

      • Living Room Accent Wall - Make a glamorous decor statement by featuring shimmering peacock feathers or metallic motifs against neutral furnishings for a striking contrast.
      • Dining Room Accent Wall - Set the stage for elegant dinner parties with the exotic allure of peacock designs. Vibrant feather prints in jewel tones lend a colorful vibe behind minimalist furnishings and decor.
      • Bedroom Feature Wall - Welcome restful nights with the calming colors of abstract peacock prints. Soothing metallic finishes and tropical scenes create a relaxing sleeping space.

      Why Choose Peacock Wallpaper?

      • Vibrant Color - Radiant teals, cobalt blues, and emerald greens evoke an exotic, artistic flair.
      • Glamorous Metallics - Shimmering golds, coppers, and silvers add glamour and sophistication.
      • Unique Patterns - Colorful abstract feathers and tropical motifs make for distinctive accent walls.
      • Makes a Statement - Bold, eye-catching peacock prints command attention.

      Tips for Using Peacock Wallpaper

      • For elegant dining rooms, layer metallic peacock prints with crystal chandeliers and gold-framed artwork.
      • In tranquil bedrooms, pair photographic peacock wallpaper murals with coordinating blue and green bedding.
      • For glam style, opt for a shimmering removable peel & stick wallpaper with abstract feather motifs.
      • Incorporate peacock-hued pillows, throws, and upholstery to complement a peacock wallpaper accent wall.

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