Banana Leaf - Black Green Wallpaper
Banana Leaf - Black Green Wallpaper
Banana Leaf - Black Green Wallpaper
Banana Leaf - Black Green Wallpaper

Banana Leaf - Black Green Wallpaper

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Commercial Type II Vinyl
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Each wallpaper order is CUSTOM PRINTED for color consistency. We recommend you calculate the total amount needed for a single pattern before placing order. Future orders of the same item may vary slightly in color.

Immerse yourself in the nostalgic charm of a bygone era with our "Banana Leaf" wallpaper. This design is a nod to the quintessential retro beach house, where vintage flair meets the timeless allure of tropical foliage. Evocative of the mid-century modern aesthetic, the sweeping curves and bold silhouettes of banana leaves are stylized in a way that transports you to the golden age of coastal retreats.

With its retro-inspired palette and classic botanical forms, the "Banana Leaf" pattern infuses your space with the laid-back luxury of old-school vacation homes nestled along the shore. It's an invitation to step back in time and embrace the leisurely pace of summer days spent lounging in the shade of sprawling verandas.

Whether you're looking to accent a room with a touch of vintage verdure or envelop your entire space in this chic throwback theme, the "Banana Leaf" wallpaper is your gateway to capturing the essence of retro beachside glamour.

Repeat: 20.5"

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