Linen Wallpaper

Linen Wallpaper


      Linen wallpaper epitomizes relaxed sophistication. With its organic textures, breathable warmth, and versatile neutral hues, it brings an inviting richness to any interior. At Mitchell Black, our collection captures linen's inimitable elegance through thoughtfully curated designs that channel the material's unique character and charm.

      The Essence of Linen Wallpaper

      • Dimensional Depth - Raised inks, slubbed yarns, and woven embossing recreate linen's distinctive, nubby hand-feel.
      • Natural Serenity - An earthy color story of crisp whites, soft grays, and weathered terra cottas instills tranquility.
      • Artisanal Beauty - Abstract prints, subtly shifting hues, and artful irregularity evoke the luxe imperfection of hand loomed linen.
      • Refined Simplicity - A matte, eggshell finish imparts linen's signature soft, flat appearance.

      Linen Inspiration for Every Room

      Living Rooms - Layer gauzy linen textures with sleek, modern lines for a harmonious juxtaposition.

      Bedrooms - Cocoon yourself in warmth and tranquility with linen's swaddling softness.

      Dining Rooms - Vividly textured linen wallcoverings lend an air of rustic, inviting hospitality.

      Home Offices - Cultivate a focused, creative mindset surrounded by linen's soft, organic ambiance.

      Entryways - Make an elegant first impression with linen's casually refined aesthetic.

      Hanging & Care Tips

      • Purchase a 15%+ overage for matching repeats and trimming
      • Consult an expert installer or reference guides if new to wallpapering
      • Use a soft brush and warm water to gently clean as needed
      • Rotate wall hangings to prevent fading or wear patterns

      With thoughtful installation and proper care, linen's sophisticated warmth will transform your space for years to come. Shop Mitchell Black's linen wallpaper collection to bring this timeless look home.

      Need an Expert Opinion?

      We're here to help! Whether it's assistance with pattern selection or general questions...we've got your back. Our team of dedicated professionals love working with homeowners and designers alike.