Edgy Wallpaper

Edgy Wallpaper


      Mitchell Black's edgy wallpaper collection is for those who dare to make a statement. These designs are not for the faint of heart, but for those who embrace a bold, uncompromising style. From gritty urban motifs to avant-garde abstract patterns, this collection pushes the boundaries of traditional wallpaper.

      Cutting-Edge Patterns

      Gritty, distressed prints evoke the raw energy of city streets, while geometric designs with stark lines and angles create a modern, industrial vibe. Prepare to be captivated by these cutting-edge patterns that defy convention.

      Daring Color Combinations

      The color palette of our edgy collection is as daring as the patterns themselves. Deep, moody hues like charcoal gray and midnight blue are offset by vibrant pops of fiery reds, electric yellows, and vivid purples. These head-turning, daring color combinations are not for the faint of heart.

      Edgy Room Inspiration

      In living rooms, a distressed brick or graffiti-inspired print can provide an eye-catching focal point, complemented by industrial-style furnishings and exposed bulb lighting for an urban-chic aesthetic.

      For a truly bold bedroom, opt for a large-scale geometric design in contrasting colors – perfect for making a statement while still maintaining a sense of relaxation.

      Home offices and creative studios are ideal canvases for this collection's edgier designs. A metallic-accented abstract pattern can inspire creativity and productivity, while a gritty, urban-inspired print adds an undeniably cool edge.

      Make a Statement

      Whether you're looking to create a daring, urban-chic space or simply want to inject a dose of rebellious energy into your home, Mitchell Black's edgy wallpaper collection is sure to turn heads. Embrace your bold, uncompromising style with these avant-garde designs that defy traditional boundaries.

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