Black Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Black Peel And Stick Wallpaper


      Make a powerful statement with the sleek and sophisticated appeal of black peel and stick wallpaper. Mitchell Black's curated black collection allows you to effortlessly introduce depth, drama and contemporary edge to any room.

      Take your interior design to new heights with our range of stunning black removable wallpaper styles. Available in solid matte black for a strikingly modern look, textured patterns for added dimension, abstract geometric designs, floral prints, or subtle damask motifs - our deep, inky black hues lend a sense of intimate elegance.

      Design Inspiration for Every Room

      Living Rooms - Embrace drama and intimacy by cloaking your living area in velvety black. Or make a graphic statement with black and white patterns.

      Bedrooms - Indulge your senses by enveloping the bedroom in black for a sumptuous, cocoon-like feel. Crisp white bedding offers gorgeous contrast.

      Dining Rooms - Set the tone for elegant entertaining with black peel & stick adding modern sophistication.

      Home Offices - Define a high-contrast work nook or cloak entire walls for an edgy, focused environment.

      Entryways - Make a bold first impression with black accents in the entryway or mudroom.

      The Effortless Elegance of Peel & Stick

      With a smooth application and easy removal that won't damage your walls, you can decorate with bold confidence. Made from high-quality, fade-resistant materials, our black removable wallpaper lets you change up the look whenever you want:

      • Create a chic gallery wall mixing prints and textures
      • Use solid black to make a small space feel expansive
      • Line one wall with luxe black damask for dining drama
      • Transform a bedroom into a glam retreat with florals
      • Add 3D depth with embossed tile or rib patterns
      • Easily applied with no professional required
      • Affordability meets high design impact
      • Removable and reusable with no wall damage
      • Line shelves, cabinets or unique surfaces

      With its inky richness, elevated aesthetic, and versatile functionality, Mitchell Black's peel and stick wallpaper seamlessly merges style and simplicity. Explore our collection to make a daring design statement.

      Need an Expert Opinion?

      We're here to help! Whether it's assistance with pattern selection or general questions...we've got your back. Our team of dedicated professionals love working with homeowners and designers alike.