Dive into a world where imagination knows no bounds with Mitchell Black's captivating abstract wallpaper collection. Our avant-garde designs shatter conventional aesthetics, inviting you to transform your space into a personal gallery of artistic expression.

      A Canvas for Every Vision

      From bold, attention-demanding compositions to subtle, organic forms with intricate beauty, our abstract wallpapers cater to every artistic inclination. It's decor as high art for those unafraid to embrace the unexpected and bring an avant-garde spirit to their surroundings. Available in both easy-to-apply peel-and-stick and luxurious premium options, these designs infuse your home with dynamic, creative energy.

      Our Abstract Designer Collections

      Our abstract wallpaper collection showcases the brilliance of renowned designers and artists.

      And, we have even more unique styles from Blessed Little Bungalow, Furbish, JoyFire by Beth Glover, and Mrs. Paranjape Papers. Each collaboration brings a fresh, innovative approach to abstract design.

      How To Style Abstract Wallpaper

      Transform any room into a work of art.

      • Create a stunning accent wall in your living room
      • Delineate spaces in open layouts with complementary abstract prints
      • Turn a small powder room into an immersive artistic experience
      • Design a serene bedroom oasis with organic, flowing patterns
      • Inspire creativity in your home office or studio

      For the Design Trade

      We proudly support interior design professionals with:

      • Commercial Grade Type II Vinyl
      • Dedicated trade team assistance
      • Exclusive trade discounts
      • Access to our full collection and customization options

      The Mitchell Black Difference

      Founded by Lynai Jones, Mitchell Black is built on the concept of creating beautiful spaces. Our vision extends beyond wallpaper – we offer custom solutions, on-demand art printing, and design services to bring your unique ideas to life.

      Proudly made in the USA, our wallpapers can be customized to match your exact vision. Reach out to info@mitchellblackhome.com to explore the possibilities.

      Embrace the Abstract

      Mitchell Black's abstract wallpapers invite you to be a trailblazer in cutting-edge style. Let your walls become a canvas for unbounded creativity, and surround yourself with designs that inspire, provoke, and delight.

      Transform your space into a masterpiece – explore Mitchell Black's abstract wallpaper collection today.

      Need an Expert Opinion?

      We're here to help! Whether it's assistance with pattern selection or general questions...we've got your back. Our team of dedicated professionals love working with homeowners and designers alike.