What Is Grasscloth Wallpaper? Your Go-To Guide

Have you ever run your hands along a wall and felt a texture that seemingly brought the room alive? That's the magic of grasscloth wallpaper. This unique material is hand-woven from natural plant fibers like arrowroot, jute, bamboo, and sisal, creating a warm, organic vibe you just can't get from flat paper or vinyl.

At first glance, grasscloth might seem like just another modern design trend. But this material has seriously deep roots, tracing back thousands of years to ancient Asian cultures. Talk about old-school cool! Back then, they used woven grasses for insulation and moisture control. But eventually, people got wise to grasscloth's decorative charms too.

While lavish silk and linen wallpapers lined Europe's fanciest manors in the 1600s, grasscloth remained an affordable, earthy choice for everyday homes. Its rustic beauty has an inherent versatility that transcends eras and decorating styles.

The Draw of Grasscloth

So what makes grasscloth so special? For starters, that irresistible texture. The raised, woven fibers add incredible depth and visual interest. Running your fingers across grasscloth is like petting the walls (in a non-creepy way!).

Then there's the organic color palette and nature-inspired hues that just ooze warmth and coziness. Grasscloth brings outside in by tapping into that craving for grounded, natural design. Who needs sterility when you can surround yourself with living, breathing texture?

But don't let its delicate appearance fool you - grasscloth makes for some durable wallpaper. With the right installation and care, it'll stand up to heavy traffic and daily life way better than you'd think. No wonder it's been popular for centuries!

Tips on Styling Grasscloth Wallpaper

Grasscloth wallpaper can be used in your home in so many different ways. Here’s some of our favorite:

Traditional and Classic Charm 

For classic interiors with a warm, inviting ambiance, you can't go wrong with neutral grasscloth tones and subtle patterns. Think soft creams, taupes, and nature-inspired hues creating a classic backdrop for rich woods and leathers. The texture adds just enough dimension to any room , but without being overwhelming.

Boho Eclectic 

With its natural fibers, grasscloth wallpaper feels right at home with boho decor's globally-inspired, collected-over-time vibe. Create visual interest by layering different colored grasscloths, mixing patterns like chunky weaves with fine sisal prints. Incorporate funky rugs, indoor plants and warm wood toned furniture for the ultimate bohemian home.

Coastal Calm 

Craving serene, beachy vibes? Grasscloth wallpaper makes the perfect pared-back backdrop for a classic coastal look. The subtle textures add depth and dimension while allowing statement pieces like driftwood accents to really pop.

Sustainable Luxury You Can Feel Good About

Grasscloth wallpaper is an ultra eco-friendly choice thanks to its all-natural, sustainable materials. Plant fibers like bamboo and sisal are harvested from pesticide-free plantations that are specifically cultivated for those materials.

Even cooler? The traditional handcrafted manufacturing process creates virtually no environmental waste. Grasscloth is woven on old-school looms with little energy usage and zero harsh chemicals.

How To Install Grasscloth Wallpaper

Installing grasscloth wallpaper can be tricky for a newbie. Here are some important tips:

Preparation is Critical 

The wall needs to be clean, smooth and primed to minimize seams from showing. Use a quality primer like Roman's Pro-977 Ultra Prime tinted to match the wallpaper color.

Use the Right Adhesive 

Grasscloth needs specific glue that won't stain its natural fibers. Roman's Pro-880 Ultra Clear Strippable or GH-34 Wheat-Based Paste are good options. For an eco-friendly choice, use their zero-VOC Eco-888 adhesive.

Handle With Care 

Work carefully - extra adhesive or water can stain grasscloth. Keep clean, dry rags handy and don't let the paper get soaked. 

Seams Will Show 

Unlike vinyl papers, you'll see seams with grasscloth, so plan their placement strategically. Use a smoothing brush to avoid crushing fibers.

Corners are Challenging 

Inside and outside corners need precise cutting and installation since grasscloth is less flexible than traditional wallpaper. Take your time, and use new blades frequently.

Consider a Professional 

Because of grasscloth's unforgiving nature and cost, we recommend hiring a pro if you’re not one yourself. Check TaskRabbit, local Facebook groups, NextDoor, or just ask around!

Final Thoughts

If you're craving the organic elegance only grasscloth can provide, let Mitchell Black be your go-to source. We recently launched our grasscloth wallpaper collection, and it’s pretty spectacular. 

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