Small Guest Bedroom Ideas

Are you faced with a cluttered storage room that's seen more pajama days than productivity? Maybe you’ve considered the possibility of your mother-in-law's surprise weekend visits and thought, "Hmm, this could be a guest bedroom"? We’ve been there. Transforming that "I'll sort it out someday" space into a stylish guest bedroom is a space-savvy invitation for any guest. Let's dive into the best small guest bedroom ideas, and turn your once-forgotten space into a cozy retreat that's ready for guests—expected or otherwise.

Small Guest Bedroom = Maximum Storage Opportunities

Small rooms have a mysterious ability to attract clutter, especially when you aren’t hosting guests. Trying to style a full bedroom set in a small space is a real-life game of Tetris. What you want is a balance between functionality and compromise. In the end, it’s the inherent coziness, creative storage, and your personal touches that shine brighter. 

How To Maximize Space with Smart Furniture Choices

Multi-functional furniture is going to be your secret weapon here. Your goal is to make every inch count! These are some things to think about when looking for furniture. 

  • A transforming bed: Daybeds and loft beds are great space savers, and can double as a seating area when you don’t have guests. Decorate it with stylish throw pillows and use it as a cozy reading nook. But, if you really want to maximize space, get a Murphy bed. They’re incognito when you aren’t using the room to host guests. 
  • Desks that do more: A fold-down desk that attaches to the wall can be pulled down when you need a workspace and tucked away when you don’t. There are also storage desks with built-in shelves and drawers. Perfect for storing essentials, and great for doubling as a vanity or a mini-library. 
  • Creating an illusion of space: Storage, storage, storage! Having furniture like ottomans, benches, armoires, and hanging shelves are a chic look for tiny spaces. Utilize vertical space, and don’t hold back from letting your creativity shine. 

  • Themed Styles for Guest Bedrooms

    Guest bedrooms don’t need to look like a hotel room. It should actually be quite the opposite. Treat your guests to a themed bedroom experience! Transport them to a vacation paradise with a resort or tropical-themed bedroom. Apply a Mitchell Black wallpaper if you're in a colder area for a rustic feel to make them feel like they're staying in a cozy cabin in the woods.

    Go Coastal

    With our Coastal Collection of wallpaper, city lofts and country cabins can easily transform into a beach house look . Whether the guest bedroom window opens up to the crashing sounds of waves, or you want to show off your seashell collection., here’s how to make a coastal-themed guest bedroom:

  • Color palette: Soft blues, whites, sandy neutrals, and natural wood tones. 
  • Furniture: White washed or distressed wood, wicker, and rattan. 
  • Textiles: Light, airy fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk. 
  • Lighting: Table lamps with natural linen shades or string lights with a coastal vibe. 
  • Decor: Accessorize with shells, nautical-themed elements, potted plants, and woven baskets for a chic lake house vibe.  
  • The perfect wallpaper: Sea Grass Beige wallpaper or the Coastal Collection of wallpapers.

  • A Modern Flare

    An office, craft room, or man cave can simply double as a small guest bedroom. With a minimalist approach and a modern style, the room can serve many purposes. Here’s how you can make a modern flare theme attractive for your guests: 

  • Color palette: Bold, bright colors like red, yellow, and orange, or minimalist whites and grays. 
  • Furniture: Sleek, low-profile pieces with clean linens and minimal decor.
  • Textiles: Geometric patterns, bold stripes, and abstract designs on fabrics like velvet, linen, and cotton. 
  • Lighting: Table lamps with sleek, modern designs or floor lamps with geometric shades. 
  • Decor: Show off some sculptures and abstract artwork. Add in some industrial-chic metal accents with wall shelving or rustic bed frame. 
  • The perfect wallpaper: Floral Bliss saffron wallpaper or Addition graphite wallpaper


    This style is best for the bold and daring. Industrial bedrooms blend rugged, unembellished elements with modern furnishings to create a minimalist but appealing style. The industrial-chic theme incorporates exposed air ducts, raw wood, as well as crisp, tailored drapes and sleek bed linenes.

    • Color palette: Dark, rich colors like gray, black, and navy, with pops of metallics. 
    • Furniture: Exposed  brick, metal frames, and reclaimed wood. Repurposed trunks, shabby-chic dressers, and up-cycled accents really pull together an industrial look. 
  • Textiles: Bring in the fabrics like canvas, leather, and denim. 
  • Lighting: Exposed bulb fixtures with Edison lights or chic pendant lights. 
  • Decor: Time to go to that vintage antique shop! Look for rustic metal pieces like candles in mercury glass holders. 
  • The perfect wallpaper: Julian Taylor style Paume Marine wallpaper or a blue wall mural.

  • These are just a few examples, you can always mix and match to create a unique style that completes your home. 

    Enhance Space Perception

    To The Windows

    • Window treatments like a valance can help draw the eye upward and create a sense of height, making a small room feel more spacious
    • Use sheer curtains or blinds that help filter natural light and reduce the sense of clutter in the room. They can also create a sense of depth and openness. 
    • Mount curtain rods higher up on the wall. This creates an illusion of a taller ceiling. 

    To The Walls

    • Reflective surfaces like glass, metallic, or glossy finishes will bring in and spread lighting. 
    • Place a mirror on the opposite wall of the window. Allow natural light to bounce off and brighten the room. 

    Create a Focal Point

    A central feature in your small guest bedroom both draws the eye and elevates the overall charm, making it look bigger and more cohesive. Consider adding a striking wallpaper with wildlife motifs on a single wall. You can even add a personalized touch with a statement piece of artwork or a colorful rug. 

    Wallpaper: The Secret to Making a Small Room Feel Grand

    When paint falls flat, let wallpaper work its magic in your guest suite. Any small guest bedroom can benefit with the presence of stunning wallpaper. If you want to design a space for your visitors that will make them feel as though they are on a thrilling vacation rather than just sleeping on a less comfortable bed than their own at home, then a captivating wallpaper can be the ideal answer.

    Final Thoughts

    Transforming your small guest bedroom ideas into a functional and welcoming space is exciting! Start your transformation today and create a guest bedroom that's as unique as you are. When you’re transforming a small guest bedroom, the costs can add up quickly. Whether it’s an accent wall or the entire room, you can make a significant change without breaking the bank by using wallpaper.

    Remember, Mitchell Black is here to help you bring your small guest bedroom walls to life with our custom design services and consultations. Explore our collections and start creating your dream guest bedroom.