Blue Bedroom Ideas For a Beautiful & Relaxing Space

The color blue is famous for its calming qualities, so it’s the perfect choice for any bedroom – a place dedicated to rest and relaxation. Decorating the master bedroom? Maybe you’ll opt for a dark blue wall behind the bed. Bachelor who just bought his very first pad? A blue comforter could be your next purchase. No matter your home’s style or who lives there, blue has a palette to suit any bedroom.

Read on to discover our favorite blue bedroom ideas - how to use different color palettes, mural wallpapers, or blue bedding sets to achieve a unique, harmonious look in your bedroom. 

Immersive Cobalt Walls

Wrap yourself in shades of cobalt blue by giving both your walls and ceiling a wallpaper or paint of this vibrant color. It’s like stepping into a cocoon, creating an enveloping space that calls for a sense of peace (and a good night’s sleep!)

To lighten the boldness of cobalt, add soft, pale curtains, cozy carpeting, and bright white bedding with only a splash of blue. Incorporate warm wood tones in your furniture and decorative pieces to gently break up the sea of dark blue.

Bold Blue Wallpaper Prints

Make a statement with a blue marble mural wallpaper covering one wall. Or use an artistic peacock blue wallpaper as an accent behind the bed. 

Paint the remaining walls a navy blue shade to complement the bold patterned wallpaper. Keep the bedding and furniture white to balance out the blue tones. Finish off the look with stylish lamps or a chandelier for some flair.

Blue and Wood for Coastal Charm

Blue with wood accents are sure to evoke the warm, welcoming feeling of the coast. Coat the walls in a soothing medium blue, and then add touches of richly stained wood, either in ceiling beams, furniture, or architectural details, to strike a beautiful contrast.

Sprinkle different shades of blue throughout bedding, curtains, and decorative accents. This lets the natural warmth of the wood become a balancing force. 

Blue Geometric Wallpapers

You can put a contemporary twist on blue bedroom decor by hanging a bold geometric wallpaperr, perhaps in shades of royal blue and white. Such a fun and graphic pattern is guaranteed to add visual interest and a crisp, modern edge to the bedroom. 

Complement the wallpaper with white bedding and furnishings, then introduce pops of contrasting colors like yellow or gold through accent pieces, artwork, or lighting fixtures. The result is a fresh, energetic space that seamlessly blends classic and contemporary elements.

Fun Patterned Rugs

If you're on the hunt for a standout centerpiece, think about grounding your bedroom with a big, patterned area rug drenched in deep blues. Depending on your vibe, try complex floral patterns or striking geometric shapes. A big rug immediately lifts any room's aesthetic, making for a gorgeous base to layer the rest of your decor on.

Pair the rug with deep blue walls and dark wood furniture for an intense, dramatic ambiance, or go for lighter shades and natural touches for a breezier, beach-inspired feel.

Blue Bedding Vibes

For a fresh, relaxing bedroom, deck out your bed in shades of blue. Dress it up with a cozy blue duvet cover and some matching shams. You can go for a solid color or pick a subtle pattern like stripes or paisley prints. Crisp white sheets paired with a navy blue quilt give a classic, preppy look.

To make more of a statement, choose bedding with big, bold patterns like oversized florals or geometric motifs in various blue hues. Layer on blue accent pillows in complementary shades and textures like velvet or faux fur. 

Americana’s Red White & Blue

If you’re into a throwback, patriotic vibe, mix red, white, and blue touches in your bedroom. This trio screams tradition and Americana - ideal for a chill, homey feel.

Add some rich blue onto the walls, then add in dashes of red with patterned rugs, plaid blankets, or eye-catching pillows. Finish the Americana look with some antique furniture, visible wood beams, and brass details to complete that classic, rustic look.

Blue Wall Accents

Give your bedroom an accent wall for a pop of blue color. Painting one wall a vibrant blue hue makes it a focal point and lets you get creative with the rest of the room's decor. Go bold with a deep navy or bright cobalt blue painted accent wall behind the bed.

For something more subtle, use a soft powder blue or pale aqua color on the accent wall. It creates a soothing vibe without being too overpowering. Shiplap walls also look fantastic painted in shades of blue for a coastal cottage feel.

Layered Blue Textiles

Incorporate different shades and patterns of blue textiles in the bedroom for a straightforward but visually impactful style. Use bold indigo bedding, patterned throw pillows, and curtains to add depth and intrigue without making the space feel too busy.

Enhance the blue textiles with complementary colors like pink or yellow, and bring in natural textures like jute or sisal to add warmth and texture.

Silvery Blue Serenity

Dive into minimalist design by sprinkling cool, silvery blue tones all over your bedroom. This soft and understated color scheme whispers calm and relaxation, making for the perfect getaway from any hustle and bustle. It's an awesome pick for spicing up bachelor pad bedrooms.

Layer different shades of blue on the walls, bedding, and accent pieces to let the monochromatic vibe wrap the room in a peaceful, spa-like feel. Add in natural textures like linen and wool pumps for warmth and depth - this makes sure the space doesn’t feel bare or clinical.

Floral Blue 

For a fresh, feminine vibe, decorate with floral blue prints and patterns. Cover an accent wall with bold, oversized floral wallpaper in shades of blue and white. It makes a big statement as soon as you enter the room.

Keep the rest of the space neutral with solid blue and white bedding. A white duvet with a blue floral pattern on the shams ties in nicely with the wallpaper. Layer in matching blue and white printed throw pillows.

If wallpaper feels too permanent, use floral blue curtains instead. Hang them floor-to-ceiling to really showcase the pretty pattern. Coordinate with blue floral sheets or a blue patterned area rug.

All Blue Ceilings 

For a cool, out-of-the-box idea, you can paint your ceiling a rich royal blue and keep the walls neutral. This flip-flop of colors pulls your gaze upwards and adds a sense of grandeur and drama.

Spread those blue shades around the room with some plaid bedding, comfy upholstered accent chairs, or standout patterned curtains. Warm metallic touches like brass or gold really make the blue pop.

Elegant Dark Blue Bedroom

Use rich, inky shades of blue across the walls to create an atmosphere of ultimate calm. This moody hue, similar to a dark, starry night, is the ideal backdrop for falling into a deep sleep.

Balance the dark blue with pillows in soft, calming neutrals like beige and white. Add bedside lamps with a dimmer feature to easily adjust the atmosphere to your liking. 

Transform Your Bedroom Into a Calm Blue Oasis

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