Best Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Bring life to your bedroom using wallpapers that match your style and energy. Bedroom wallpapers come in many different designs, from modern and vintage to romantic colors. Whatever best matches your vibe! You can easily DIY install peel and stick wallpaper, so it’s easy to elevate your room without hurting your pockets. 

Read on to discover how to choose and install the perfect bedroom wallpaper. We’ll also share 15 stylish bedroom wallpaper ideas to transform your room’s aesthetics. 

Finding the Perfect Bedroom Wallpaper 

Go for well-designed wallpapers that are durable, easy to clean, and match your personality. Consider your bedroom’s natural light and color palette. A well-lit room can accommodate multi-colored papers. Dark colors feel less brooding in a well-lit room. Avoid darker wallpapers in dark rooms if you don’t want a cave-like feel. 

Select Colors and Patterns Wisely 

Use wallpapers with colors and patterns that match the room’s décor, furniture, and floor. You can choose from modern, geometric, floral, or classic pinstripes. Select your favorite colors, from bold blue and gentle pink to striking red hues. The perfect color and patterns depend on your personality, style, and the mood you want to achieve. 

Choose the Best Wallpaper Type 

With so many different types of wallpaper out there, these three are the best:

  • Removable peel-and-stick: Easy to install; just peel and stick. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, tenants, or individuals who love changing wallpapers constantly. 
  • Mural wallpaper: Make a bold statement with a mural featuring an abstract line design, image, or scene.
  • Textured wallpaper: Create an elegant vibe using wallpapers with unique textures and patterns. Standard textures include concrete, wood, or bricks.

15 Stylish Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Ensure your wallpaper blends with your bedroom’s bedding, curtains, rugs, and other furniture. Or, create a focal point by installing a wallpaper mural behind your bed. Another option is wallpapering the entire bedroom with single or multi-colored wallpapers. Mixing different patterns can bring a more welcoming and stylish look. 

We’ve hand-picked the following 15 bedroom wallpaper ideas. Pick one to make your bedroom cozy, elegant, and trendy.

  1. Calming patterns: Apply turquoise wallpaper with ocean blue colors to the bedroom walls for a calming and relaxing aura. 
  2. Romantic florals: Use a floral wallpaper with ruby red, deep blue, or spicy orange colors. Or, other floral prints that bring a romantic theme. 
  3. Black and white wallpaper: Use a polka dot, minimal wallpaper, or geometric pattern. The black and white colors create a clean and calming effect. 
  4. Geometric prints: Bring visual interest to one or all the walls with artistic prints. Many geometric wallpapers are available, featuring different colors and patterns.
  5. Bold wall mural: Make a bold statement using an Atlas Dome mural wallpaper that runs from wall to wall.  
  6. Floor-to-ceiling prints: Install wallpapers running from the floor to the ceiling. Use matching or different patterns to create a harmonious or magical bedroom.
  7. Animal-themed style: Options include stalking tigers, floral birds, or lobster knot patterns.  
  8. Multi-colored walls: Use wallpaper with two or more colors for bold and vibrant looks.  
  9. Striped focal wall: Use striped linen wallpaper to create a focal point on one bedroom wall. 
  10. Kids-inspired walls: Use wallpapers with cartoonish, animal, or fairy characters. Go for bold pink colors for the princess and cooler colors for the boys, making the bedroom livelier. 
  11. Calm charcoal: Play it cool by applying wallpaper with a calm charcoal print. 
  12. Tropical hues: Use wallpaper with palm trees, fish drawings, or beach coral patterns. These colors bring warm tropical vibes to your bedroom.
  13. Modern style: Use wallpaper with zebra patterns, cream-white color, or red floral design for contemporary looks.  
  14. The garden feel: Bring natural vibes with an organic wallpaper featuring lovely patterns. 
  15. City-inspired walls: Accent your wall with a bold mural featuring city scenes. Bring urban vibes using modern and brightly-designed wallpaper. 

Install Bedroom Wallpaper Like a Pro

Prep the wall by cleaning and smoothing it. Next, peel off the adhesive and align the wallpaper with your wall. Use a smoothing tool to straighten it out while removing air bubbles. Ensure the wallpaper is well adhered to before cutting any excess material. 

DIY or Hire a Professional? 

Hire a professional wallpaper installer to achieve the best results. Experts can prep the walls, hang the wallpaper, and achieve perfect trim lines. A pro can help you choose the ultimate colors, patterns, and textures for your bedroom.

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