Elevate your interior with the rich, luxurious look of Mitchell Black's gold wallpaper collection. These designs radiate warmth and opulence, with shimmering metallic accents and luminous golden hues that add instant glamour.

      Gold Wallpaper For Any Home Style

      Whether your taste leans modern and minimalist or boldly maximalist, you'll find the perfect gilded design in this collection:

      Modern/Contemporary: Sleek geometric patterns with touches of metallic gold.

      Classic: Traditional damask prints and ornate florals highlighted by golden accents.

      Abstract: Artful, abstract motifs and organic shapes with a luminous golden glow.

      Botanical: Lush botanical prints and tropical-inspired designs with pops of golden color.

      Designer Collaborations

      Take your interior to new heights with stunning gold wallpaper designs from sought-after artists and brands:

      Bohemian Bungalow: Bold, eclectic prints like "Deco Fan" and "Lotus," featuring black, white and metallic details.

      Cara's Garden: Whimsical "Bee" print with golden honeycomb accents.

      The Blush Label: Eye-catching Aztec motifs in warm marigold and gold tones.

      Pairing With Gold Wallpaper

      While gold exudes luxury on its own, it also pairs exquisitely with an array of rich, jewel-toned hues. Complement gold wallpaper with deep emerald, sapphire and amethyst accents for a lavish, jewel-box look. Temper the opulence with warm terracotta, creamy whites and soft blush tones.

      Sophisticated Living Spaces

      Create an ambiance of unparalleled elegance with gold wallpaper as your foundation. A chic powder room enveloped in an ornate golden damask print feels like a posh retreat. In living rooms and dining rooms, a subtle geometric or artful abstract design provides a luxe yet understated backdrop.

      Radiant Gold Beauty

      From modern and minimal to ornate and lavish, Mitchell Black's gold wallpaper collection offers the perfect way to infuse your interior with radiant warmth and beauty. With versatile styles, coveted collaborations and decadent color pairings, these gilded designs elevate any space.

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