10 Lake House Decor Ideas - 2024

A lake house is the ultimate escape from the daily grind. But the right decor is what takes that escape to the next level.

We've compiled 10 awesome lake house decor ideas to turn your lake house into your own personal paradise, whether you're into nautical, modern, or rustic styles.

Deck it out right, and you'll have the perfect spot to unwind and make memories with your loved ones. Lazy days on the porch, marshmallow-roasting nights by the fire pit - your lake house will be a home away from home.

1. Get Inspired by Nature 

Take inspiration from the beautiful lake views and incorporate it indoors. Go for cabin-inspired furniture to bring the mountain cabin vibes. Use heavy-wooded seats (or beds) and set a brown wooden mantle on top of a white-painted fireplace. 

Invite more natural light using breezy skylights and massive windows showing the beautiful lake view. Paint the walls with serene blue or install a blue wallpaper, and pair it with a sky blue ceiling to match the lakespace. Use furniture made of natural materials and add vases filled with flowers to the table to add extra natural elements. 

2. Go For a Nautical Feel 

Ever had lobsters in your living room? Now you can! Our nautical lobster wallpaper is sure to make any wall stand out. Add a unique touch by wallpapering your stair steps with any leftover material. Set a dining set with a white table and navy blue striped chairs for a cruise ship feeling while dining. 

Complement your primary color (blue) with white, green, and brown hues. Match the white sofas with blue and green accent pillows. And complete the nautical design using a bold navy blue rug.

3. Add Lake-Inspired Designs

Hang lake-inspired items like kayak paddles, boat oars, or nautical flags on the walls. Or, place them beside the bookcase (use one shaped like a rowboat) or in the corners of your rooms. Add lake-themed decor pieces like welcome mats, premium wallpapers, and wall art with lake mantras and slogans. 

Bring the lake feeling to the bedroom by adding items like table lamps and wall mirrors with rope designs. Add an extra lakeside charm using ropes as sign hangers and staircase handrails.

4. Incorporate Rustic Vibes 

Use traditional decor items and dark wood furniture like coffee tables, wooden frames, and candleholders that bring rustic vibes to your lake house. Add a dark brown leather sofa, patterned pillows with dark/dull colors, and a light-patterned rug in the living room. Opt for wide plank flooring, tables with distressed finishes, wood elements, and lantern-style lamps. 

5. Don’t Forget the Outdoor Spaces

Add a couch, hammock chair, lake-themed pillows, and rustic rug on your patio for comfort while watching the sunset. Or, set up an outdoor wooden dining table with durable seats to withstand the weather. 

If you’ve got space, set up an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, or bar to make memories as you grill or share a drink. Turn your patio into a double-decker for extra space.

6. Maximize Indoor Living Spaces 

Furnish the guest bedroom with loft or twin beds. Or, incorporate bunker beds into a tall wall to add sleeping space. Choose accessories and furniture like woven cubes that can work as extra seats. Use the space under the staircase to store your sun hats, bags, and lake gear (it adds to the lakeside vibe). 

7. Create Cozy Lakeside Nooks 

Create a cozy, idyllic lakeside nook for knitting, reading, or relaxing. Set up a comfy couch with soft throw blankets and pillows near the windows to soak into the lakeside views while you unwind the day.

8. Give Your House a Modern Twist 

Opt for pure vinyl or marble flooring and abstract-designed rugs. Add modern fabrics with geometric patterns and white leather sectionals. Use wall art like plaques and modern wallpaper matched with floor-to-ceiling drapes. 

Go for blue lake-inspired bedding, coastal blue wallpaper, and decor items with blue and red hues in the bedroom.

9. Add a Personal Touch 

Decorate your walls with mementos reflecting lakeside experiences with your loved ones. Set a gallery wall with pictures of the lake and you/your loved ones that take you down memory lane. Use brass picture frames for a rustic feel. 

10. Consider the Fabrics and Textures 

Combine soft and rough textiles to add interest to your lake house. Add smooth, cozy throw pillow covers and blankets for extra comfort and warmth. Match these soft-textured items with rougher textures like sisal rugs and jute mats.

Use performance fabrics that are more durable and easy to maintain in humid environments. Go for wipeable furniture frames, washable fabrics, and easy-to-clean rugs. 

Make Your Waterside Escape Unique 

Turn your lake house into a serene and inviting waterside escape that makes every visit a treasured moment. Use the ten lake house decor ideas we’ve shared to create a cozy lakeside getaway. 

Add personal touches using lake-inspired wallpapers that match your personality. At Mitchell Black, we’ve got premium wallpapers that are sure to set the moods right and make your waterside escape unique.