How To Recreate Kendall Jenner’s Kitchen

Kendall Jenner is known for her famous family, her work as a fashion model, and her trend-setting street style. But when she’s not gracing the runway or updating her Instagram followers, she’s relaxing at her luxurious Los Angeles home. Designed in collaboration with Kathleen and Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez, her home’s kitchen is a major interior-design highlight!

With striking teal cabinets, an elegant marble backsplash, an industrial pot rack, and rustic décor to complete the look, Kendall’s kitchen is an eclectic mix of bold luxury and homey accents. We’re here to break down how you can recreate the look in your own space, offering some unique design tips to help you achieve the look while making the space your own.

Start With the Perfect Teal Cabinets

The stand-out feature in the Kendall Jenner kitchen is the joyful teal cabinets that line the walls. The model’s island is also painted in the same shade, creating a cohesive look that’s bold yet still sophisticated. Kendall refers to her cabinets as “teal” but there are many similar shades of turquoise, aqua, and green to choose from if you want to recreate the look.

If brightly colored cabinets aren’t your cup of tea, you can change things up while maintaining the overall look by opting for more traditional wooden cabinets and instead painting or wallpapering your walls in a similar color.

Mitchell Black’s ocean waves wallpaper incorporates a strikingly similar shade of teal, while the moonlight mural wallpaper offers a subtle, soothing take on the hue.

Opt For a Unique Marble Backsplash

Kendall’s marble backsplash adds texture and visual interest without distracting from the eye-catching teal cabinets. To recreate the distinctive and upscale look of the reality star’s kitchen, consider installing a wall mural in place of a traditional tile backsplash.

The marble drift wallpaper mural is a great option if you want to achieve a sophisticated look. The soft teal swirls in this mural also serve to create cohesion between the cabinets and backsplash.

But a marble wall mural isn’t the only way to take inspiration from Kendall. You can choose from a variety of creative wallpaper designs that switch up the marble concept while still maintaining the overall vibe. Here are a few options to consider:

Select Two-Toned Countertops for a Modern Touch

Kendall’s kitchen features white marble countertops that seamlessly blend with her marble backsplash throughout most of the space. But her island stands out with distinctive countertops in a very dark wood that almost reads as black. 

Two-toned countertops are a popular trend in kitchen design. Combining both wood and stone-slab countertops in the same space is a stylish spin on this look. It adds dimension to a Kendall-inspired kitchen design without being too overwhelming or trying to compete with the cabinets.

Keep Décor Simple and Rustic

Perhaps one of the more unexpected aspects of Kendall’s kitchen design is the rustic décor. From the large industrial pot rack to the reclaimed-wood cutting boards and bar stools, these simple accents bring a relaxed and welcoming feel to an otherwise luxurious space.

Rustic and sustainable materials are among the most popular recent kitchen trends. Here are a few rustic kitchen décor items to include in your space if you’re looking to capture the same character and charm as the now-famous Kendall Jenner kitchen:

  • Metallic hardware
  • Reclaimed wooden elements like picture frames, cutting boards, or stools
  • Metal teapots and mugs
  • A pot rack made from industrial pipes or wood
  • A farmhouse-style sink
  • Wicker baskets for fruit
  • Fresh flowers

How To Make Your Kendall-Inspired Kitchen Your Own

Infuse Personal Details

There’s no better way to create a homey and welcoming vibe than to incorporate personal items into your kitchen. Even the most trendy designs can be personalized with just a few of your favorite décor pieces, such as:

  • Family photos
  • Brightly colored countertop appliances (red, yellow, etc.)
  • Houseplants and colorful vases
  • Some of your favorite paintings and/or sculptures

Choose Your Own Unexpected Color Combination

The color story in Kendal Jenner’s kitchen is what gives the space its unique style and atmosphere. But you don’t have to follow her exact palette to get the same overall effect. The mix of bold colors and warm, rustic décor can be achieved using a variety of hues and textures. 

For example, you may opt for cabinets in a completely different color such as, deep green, sky blue, or even baby pink. Pair with a multi-colored wallpaper backsplash like the Moroccan peacock pink sands wallpaper and some earthy décor for a personalized kitchen design that still feels Kendall-inspired.

Switch Up the Backsplash With a Different Wallpaper

A kitchen remodel is all about creating a space that works for you, both functionally and aesthetically. If you love patterns and unique color combinations, choosing the perfect wallpaper for your kitchen is one of the most fun aspects of the design process.

If you want to match Kendall’s kitchen design, opt for a white wallpaper with a marble or other abstract pattern like the large porcelain flora wallpaper

But if you want to mix things up and add more color and flair, try something bolder like the chimera marble wallpaper mural in polychrome or the orange grove blue and cream floral wallpaper.

Add Your Own Creative Touch To A Kendall-Inspired Kitchen With Mitchell Black Wallpapers

As a supermodel, reality star, and member of one of the most famous families in the world, there’s no doubt that Kendall Jenner is a trend setter. From bold cabinets to unique backsplashes, there are many stylish design elements you can use to achieve the luxurious flair of Kendal Jenner’s kitchen. 

At Michell Black, we offer a wide variety of unique wallpapers and murals. With removable peel and stick, premium paper, and type II vinyl options, we can help you achieve any kitchen design style.