Your Guide to Wall Mural Ideas

Mural wallpapers bring color and evoke emotions in what can otherwise be an ordinary space. They also add visual interest to your walls way quicker than painting them. With the ideal wall mural, you can instantly transform a blank space into the center of attention. From serene nature scenes to bold geometric patterns, wall murals are a perfect way to add personality to any room

While there are endless wall mural ideas, choosing one that suits your space might feel overwhelming. Read on to discover types of wall murals, as well as tips to get a mural style that suits your needs and style. Find the many available mural ideas to spark your imagination here. 

Whether you want to make a bold statement or add a subtle, sophisticated touch, wall murals offer a unique way to liven up your living spaces. Read on for all of our favorite wall mural ideas for your home.

Wall Murals Depicting Nature Scenes

You can almost feel the calming effects of nature on your wall with lush forests, sandy beaches, or starry night skies spanning a mural wallpaper. Murals with greenery, water features, and landscapes are sure to bring a sense of serenity to any space. They’re versatile enough for so many spaces, like restaurants, living rooms, and bedrooms.

1. Mountain Mural Wallpaper

A mural with a breathtaking mountain landscape can reflect your love for adventure and nature. It also invokes feelings of natural beauty and fresh air. Get a mountain mural wallpaper and bring the tranquility of mountain landscapes to your home.

2. Rain Wallpaper Mural

A rain mural wallpaper sets a calming mood better than any other wall art. Raindrops are universally soothing, so a rain mural makes a space feel more tranquil and conducive to relaxation. 

Unlike in a static painting, the drifting rain patterns in a wall mural give the impression that something is constantly changing. It prevents the wall from feeling stagnant. One of our favorite rain wallpaper murals is JoyFire by Beth Glovers.

Floral Mural Wallpapers

Looking to brighten up your space and make it feel more warm and inviting? Floral murals are the way to go. With their pops of color and replications of nature's details, they instantly breathe life into any room.

These aren't your grandma's old-fashioned floral wallpapers, either. Modern floral murals have a fresh, contemporary vibe with bold colors and larger-than-life blooms. They add such a vibrant, cheerful energy.

One example that's super trendy right now is the Poppy Fields mural. The rich red flowers spanning the wall make for such a striking visual. It's like you brought a beautiful meadow indoors. 

Marble Mural Wallpapers

Marble murals are a great option if you're going for an elegant, sophisticated look. The subtle veining and rich colors give off a luxurious vibe without being over-the-top.

These murals work really well in bathrooms - they create a spa-like atmosphere that's perfect for relaxing. The marble pattern makes the space feel polished and upscale.

But marble murals aren't just for bathrooms. They also look fantastic in kitchens, adding a touch of refinement to the heart of your home. In living rooms, they elevate the space with a timeless, classic style. Even offices can benefit from the professional, high-end look marble murals provide.

Geometric Wall Murals

Geometric murals are the way to go if you want to make a serious statement, especially in an entryway or hallway. Bold patterns with shapes and lines instantly grab your attention and liven up bare walls.

But these murals aren't just visually striking - the organized lines and repeating angles create a sense of order and balance. The structured designs give off rational, straightforward vibes that work really well in spaces like home offices, libraries, or even hospitals and professional buildings.

While geometric styles definitely have a modern, contemporary flair, they can actually work in all kinds of spaces. The patterns add visual interest without feeling too busy or overwhelming. Whether you want to make a killer first impression or just need to breathe some life into blank walls, geometric murals deliver.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wall Mural

At Mitchell Black, we partner with designers to create unique mural collections in all kinds of styles - abstract, classic, floral, geometric, modern, you name it. With so many options, it can be tricky to pick the right one for your space. Here are some tips to help you out:

Size Matters

First, figure out what size wall mural you need. Measure the full width and height of the surface you want to cover at the highest and widest point. Don't include edge boards. Double-check that you have the exact measurements before purchasing.

In smaller rooms, go with something more minimalist like geometric patterns to avoid overwhelming the space. But large murals can actually make tiny rooms feel bigger and more open. Bigger rooms have endless options, so go wild!

Mind the Color Palette

Take a look at the existing colors in your room - furniture, pillows, paint, etc. Neutrals like grays and whites are super versatile. But if your room is already pretty muted, a bright, colorful mural adds a much-needed pop. Modern, colorful spaces pair well with equally vibrant murals. Install larger murals across from windows so the light brings out the colors.

Style It Up

Geometric patterns have a sleek, modern vibe while floral is more versatile and can work for boho, farmhouse, etc. Representational nature scenes suit classic, coastal aesthetics nicely.

Placement is Key

Where you put your mural matters just as much as the design itself. Living room? Position it as a focal point above the sofa. Entryways? A mural creates a warm welcome. Bathrooms? Hello spalike relaxation. Kitchens? Murals add tons of visual interest.

Make It Art

Treat your mural as you would any large art piece. Space it out from other wall hangings and light fixtures so it can really shine.

No matter what look you're going for, there's definitely a mural out there that will level up your space. Just keep these tips in mind as you're picking one out!

Add an Artistic Flair to Your Space

Wall murals transform spaces and rooms from dull to inspiring and exciting. With many available styles, you only need to find what matches your style and decor theme; the rest is magical.

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