TO THE TRADE: Please reach out to our sales team to quote or purchase TYPE II VINYL or WALLCOVERING that is LEED certified. Must have a TAX ID to purchase

Email: for your state's rep.

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TYPE II vinyl and TYPE II paper are available TO THE TRADE ONLY and are NOT SOLD on this website.  

Request trade pricing, material specifications, TYPE II samples via email at


    **CONSUMERS** If you have a concern about how much to order or want to ask questions about substrates please book a free consultation here

    We digitally print each wallpaper roll just for you and we use only the best quality materials. Use the information below to decide which substrate material works best for you.
    Residential Wallpaper Substrates
    • Premium Matte Paper - often referred to as Traditional Wallpaper, this requires wall paper paste and is preferred by professional wallpaper hangers. 
    • Peel & Stick is NOT TYPE II compliant. This DIY wallpaper option is repositionable, so you can stick it on the wall then peel it off and re-stick it during application. Apply only to smooth, painted walls that are fully dry! (Do not hang peel & stick wallpaper within 4 weeks of applying fresh paint to the wall.)


    • Allow 5 days for production of your order.
      • Wallpaper has a 1/2 inch printed bleed on both sides of the roll for easy overlapping and matching of patterns.
      • All patterns and substrates require an overlap w/ double cut being optional.
      • Wallpaper is 2 ft wide and available in two lengths
          • 10 ft 
          • 18 ft
      For an estimate please email include:
      1. Measurements: Length X Width 
      2. Paper Substrate: Peel & Stick or Premium Paper (needs paste)
      3. Pattern Name and Colorway
      We will email you a quote within 24 hours (Mon-Fri)