How to Measure

It is important to measure your walls and space carefully. Please read our instructions before you order any of our products so your order meets your needs. Most of our papers, murals, tiles and fabrics are print-to-order which ensures color consistency and overall product quality. Additional orders of similar product may vary slightly.



Step 1. Measure the Wall Square Footage.

Measure the Height and Width of your wall(s).

Multiply the Height times the Width to get the total square footage.

Measure the Height and Width of all windows and doors as well. One by one. Multiply the dimensions to get the square footage of each. Add the square footage of all doors and windows.

Subtract the Windows and doors square footage from the Wall Square footage. This gives you the total square footage of your wall space.  **IF THE REPEAT ON THE PATTERN IS LARGE, DO NOT SUBTRACT WINDOWS AND DOORS**

Step 2. Calculate the Right Number of Rolls

Take your square footage and add 20% for spoilage and trimming. This is your “order square footage” for your order.

Divide your “order square footage” by the square footage of our rolls below. ***If you get a fraction, round up! or if its close, order an extra roll to ensure you have enough with consistent color.


*All patterns and substrates require an overlap w/ double cut being optional.


Mitchell Black Strips are 2 ft. x 10 ft. (Or 24 in. x 120 in) = 20 sq. ft.

Mitchell Black Single Rolls are 2 ft. x 18 ft. (Or 24 in. x 216 in.) = 36 sq. ft.


If you have a concern about how much to order you can always book a free consultation with an MB Concierge.